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How to use Playing Lean in different industries or government sectors

For us, the best part of our webinars is the Q&A  where we get to answer your questions. This is an opportunity for us to have a discussion and really see what you are interested in. 

Continuing on the post The who's and how's of marketing Playing Lean where we answered the most interesting questions we received in our Playing Lean webinars, we bring you more answers that will be interesting to those working in public sectors or those working in companies that have a physical product.

How can we best tailor the game for public service uses?

When you look at Playing Lean mechanically, game wise, it consists of two parts. You have the board game with all the supplemental material, which is the marketplace and where the action happens, and you have the experiment or scenario cards.

Experiment deck is critical for teaching. It's the experiment cards that contain the stories, events, concepts, principles and results of what is happening on the board. It's the experiment cards where you can have the most influence.

The board is unmarked, it's an empty slate. You can give meaning to different colours if you need to. The green doesn't need to be business modelling. It can be something else, e.g. if there is some specific stage in the government agency. 

Playing Lean works with internet scenarios - how can we transfer the learnings into a "hardware world" e.g. machine construction?

If you look at all three scenarios we have for Playing Lean - Social Media, Ride Sharing and Hospitality Industry, even though they aren't purely internet scenarios, they all have a big digital component in their value chain and in their supply chain. There is a business model component in all of them being some sort of a market place or having multiple customer segments being served multiple value.

Transferring the learning into the hardware world is simple. Whenever you pull an experiment card, you don't need to share the example that we included on the card but you can share specific hardware related examples. 

A lot of concepts that are used in Lean Startup come from the hardware world - prototyping, rapid prototyping, testing (e.g. you want to blow up things in simulations before you blow up something that's worth several million euros). Use your own examples and experiments that are related to the hardware world.

Do you have any public sector examples of use of Playing Lean?

We’ve been to public innovation seminars and we’ve applied the same concept we’ve explained in the previous question.

Use the scenarios that come with the game but tell your own stories and use examples relevant to public sector innovation. 

In our Playing Lean Facilitator Club we have a lot of members interested or working in the public sector, and they have successfully incorporated Playing Lean into their workshops.

Our Playing Lean Facilitator Andy Sandford, the founder of Lean and Agile, hosted a webinar Lean Startup in the public sector and beyond with our game co-creator Bruno Pešec as a guest, where they discussed how the public sector can benefit from the Lean Startup, how does the Lean Startup dovetail with traditional improvement methodologies and more. 

If you are interested in hearing what they had to say, you can listen to a recording of the webinar here

Join us for our next Playing Lean Expert Webinar on August 26th, where we will have Esther Gons as our guest! 

Esther will discuss how to ensure the quality of the lean process and tracking that process when there is more than one internal startup in your company.

You can read more about the webinar and register here! And don't be shy about leaving a question for our guest!


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