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In the wake of the current world situation, only one thing is certain -- all you thought about your businesses has turned into assumptions. Or, as Steve Blank put it bluntly, "all your assumptions about customers, sales cycle and most importantly, revenue, burn rate and runway are no longer true."

And what better way to handle uncertainty than to run some simple and cheap experiments to learn more about how the world has changed? Get out of the building! still applies, although we have to reimagine it a bit, and not take it at face value as we once did.

We have been doing lean experiments for years, and are organising this workshop to provide you with a practical process and a set of tools to do remote Lean Startup experiments.


Do you know what your customers currently want?
Do you know if they understand what you are offering them?
Do you know if they are willing to pay?

If you are trying to answer any of the above, then this is the workshop for you.

You will benefit from attending this workshop by:

  • Learning a proven step-by-step process for designing lean startup experiments.
  • Developing practical experimentation capabilities.
  • Acquiring a set of non-proprietory tools that you can immediately use to get your remote experiments going.

The How to do remote Lean Startup experiments workshop is a hands-on workshop, where theory will be kept to a minimum and practical exercises to the maximum. Expect time to fly, as you'll be working from first to last minute!

Every experiment goes through three phases: design, conduct, learn. Most likely failure point is in the design phase, and that's why we'll heavily focus on it in this workshop.

We can break design of the experiment in three steps:

  • Define the experiment background.
  • Write the falsifiable hypothesis.
  • Detail the experiment.

You will work in groups to design an experiment for a specific case, using Playing Lean Experiment Report and reference materials you'll be given for the workshop.

Once we have designed our experiment we will discuss some common traps and issues when conducting experiments remotely.

At the end of this workshop we will address how to maximise learning from experiments and prevent discarding knowledge.

This workshop will be conducted completely online, on Zoom.

It's scheduled for Wednesday, September 23rd, from 13:00 to 17:00 Oslo (GMT/UTC+2) time.

We hope you will join us in this learning process! We have two tiers of tickets, whichever fits you best!

Early bird tickets available until Monday, September 7th!



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