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Katia Van Belle

Change and Project Management Facilitator / Bierbeek

Katia lives and works in Belgium. She inspires people to create lasting change and co-create with their stakeholders. She is known for creating environments where people learn, share and grow. If you have a question that involves “bringing live” to projects and organizational change efforts, Katia is always ready to explore the question with you.

Katia is a founder of several small enterprises. She is a member of JCI, ubeon, professional women association, and above all the happy mother of three teenagers.  

LinkedIn: Katia Van Belle  
Twitter: @KatiaVanBelle 

Sven Dill

Lean Agile Coach / Brussels

Sven is a certified Agile Lean Coach and Integral Agile Wizard who spent the last few years transforming ING Belgium (one of the 4 biggest banks in Belgium) into an agile enterprise.

Beforehand he worked as Project Manager in the German Automotive industry for 10 years at  ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a German company specialised at driveline and chassis technology, where he gained a lot of insights into Lean Thinking. Sven started as Playing Lean facilitator in 2016 february.

LinkedIn: Sven Dill
Twitter: @DillSven

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Agile Consultant / Brussels

Frederik is consultant at Cronos - a company built up of multiple small companies specialized in different technologies. For almost 10 years he has been active in projects mainly on the topic of information management, web and mobile applications. Frederik has university and post-university degrees in computer sciences, international business and project management. He is also a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner who enjoys educating and training people on “everything agile and lean”. He has great interest for Lean Startup and lean way of thinking and enjoys games that illustrate and drive learning for agile and lean principles.

LinkedIn: Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
Twitter: @vfrederik

Yves Hulet

Lean Agile Coach / Brussels

Yves is passionate about coaching people and delivering value through the Agile & Lean methodologies. He's also the founder of Craffft IT, where he, as a freelancer, helps companies willing to change their internal way of working by embracing the lean and agile principles. As an entrepreneur, he launches innovative projects and sharpens its business, social and technical skills.

Besides being a Playing Lean facilitator, he's also a Pimento Map certified Consultant and SAFE Program Consultant 4.0.

LinkedIn:Yves Hulet 
Twitter: @craffft_it

Amraoua Zidani 

Entrepreneur, Business Agility Consultant, Trainer & Coach / Charleroi

Entrepreneur who likes to help organizations.

LinkedIn: Amra Zidani

Stefan Parijs 

Agile Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Trainer and Coach / Leuven

Stefan is the owner of MyYoYaKy BV- specialized in Agile Coaching, Consulting and Assessments; Agile Product & Project Management; DevOps; Building Web & Mobile Applications; and Facilitating Workshops.

He has 18 years of experience mainly on the topic of web and mobile applications. Stefan has multiple certifications in the Agile Methodology covering multiple frameworks.

Besides being a Playing Lean facilitator, Stefan is a Trained Enhanced Facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method.

LinkedIn: Stefan Parijs

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