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Four Stages of Innovation


You have finished your third lesson on Lean Startup Fundamentals!

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As we mentioned in the lesson, our Business Modelling Facilitator training can help you understand how to use the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas, and how to teach others about business modelling by holding great workshops!

What do you get by joining our online Business Modelling Facilitator training?

1. You will get the theory you need - the background on what a business model is, and why it's important.

Also, you'll get a good understanding of the two most popular tools - Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas. We will take you through each of the blocks of the two tools, compare them conceptually and discuss which tool is preferable in different settings.

2. We will give you an example - the details of mapping AirBnB's business model to both of the canvases, and compare them to see how they differ in a practical setting.

3. We will also do a great exercise with ready-made stickers that you can download and use in your own workshop.

4. Once you have mastered the theory and the two tools, we will teach you how to organize an awesome Business Modelling workshop yourself!

You will get the materials you need for your workshop, free to download, change and use as you wish.

5. You will also learn how to deliver the workshop 100% remote, as this has become more important than ever.

After completing the training, you will have everything you need to hold a business modelling workshop the next day!

Check out the curriculum, and feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!


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Join us in November for our first post-pandemic in-person Playing Lean Facilitator Training, and learn how to hold engaging Playing Lean workshops and teach your clients or students about Lean Startup!

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