We have a great community of Playing Lean facilitators, ready to help you make your workshops a great learning experience.


Katia Van Belle

Change and Project Management Facilitator  

Katia lives and works in Belgium. She inspires people to create lasting change and co-create with their stakeholders. She is known for creating environments where people learn, share and grow. If you have a question that involves “bringing live” to projects and organizational change efforts, Katia is always ready to explore the question with you.

Katia is a founder of several small enterprises. She is a member of JCI, ubeon, professional women association, and above all the happy mother of three teenagers.  

LinkedIn: Katia Van Belle 
Twitter: @KatiaVanBelle 

Sven Dill

Lean Agile Coach, Brussels

Sven is a certified Agile Lean Coach and Integral Agile Wizard who spent the last few years transforming ING Belgium (one of the 4 biggest banks in Belgium) into an agile enterprise.

Beforehand he worked as Project Manager in the German Automotive industry for 10 years at  ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a German company specialised at driveline and chassis technology, where he gained a lot of insights into Lean Thinking. Sven started as Playing Lean facilitator in 2016 february.

LinkedIn: Sven Dill
Twitter: @DillSven

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Agile Consultant, Brussel

Frederik is consultant at Cronos - a company built up of multiple small companies specialized in different technologies. For almost 10 years he has been active in projects mainly on the topic of information management, web and mobile applications. Frederik has university and post-university degrees in computer sciences, international business and project management. He is also a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner who enjoys educating and training people on “everything agile and lean”. He has great interest for Lean Startup and lean way of thinking and enjoys games that illustrate and drive learning for agile and lean principles.

LinkedIn: Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
Twitter: @vfrederik


Miro Hegedic

Researcher, Mentor, Founder, Zagreb

Miro is a co-founder of the Lean Startup Croatia group in Zagreb. He had his own startup up4talk. Based on his experience he helped many startups in Croatia and several European countries to adopt lean startup methodology. Miro is doing PhD in Lean and Green Management at the University of Zagreb.

LinkedIn: Miro Hegedic
Twitter: @mhegedic



Steven Balliano

Validation & Lean Customer Development, Helsinki

Steven is an international entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and web based start-ups. Currently located in Helsinki, Finland he is working on a portfolio of start-up concepts. He is organizer of the Lean Startup Helsinki Meetup and Chapter Director for Startup Grind Helsinki. He is owner of Nordic Chills - a point of entry for companies wishing to bring their products to the Nordic markets.

LinkedIn: Steven Balliano
Twitter: @sjballiano


Wolfram Lutz

Entrepreneur and Consultant, Berlin

Born in Heidelberg he lives since 1987 in Berlin and loves this vibrant city. As a certified consultant, facilitator and coach he is specialized on strategy, marketing as well as collaborative leadership and helps companies to create persuading costumer value propositions. After more than 20 years in diverse functions (from accountant to CFO/CEO) – mainly in companies of the creative industries – he is convinced, that creativity as well as innovations benefit from an good management.

LinkedIn: Wolfram Lutz 

Holger Nils Pohl

Visual Strategy Facilitator, Köln

Holger Nils Pohl is a Visual Strategy Facilitator who makes any kind of complexity tangible, visual and understandable. He is also a trained woodworker and have a diploma in communications design. For three years he has worked as a professional graphic facilitator for both national and international companies all over the world. He is a drawing teacher, college lecturer, and trainer who teach participants various methods and techniques for visual work in the form of intensive workshops.

Holger is also the Designer of the Playing Lean boardgame.

LinkedIn: Holger Nils Pohl
Twitter: @HolgerNilsPohl

Reiner Walter  

Consultant, Coach & Author, Wuppertal, Germany  

Reiner Walter is a Consultant / Coach for startups and small / medium sized   enterprises (SME). He has a diploma in economic sciences. He started as head of marketing and sales in a family business, producing safes and strongroom-equipment for banks, enterprises and the german government. Since 2004 he is a  consultant for startups and SME, specialising in strategy and business model design. He teaches students, entrepreneurs and companies skills in design thinking, lean startup and business modelling to find new business opportunities.      

LinkedIn: Reiner Walter 
Twitter: @reiner_walter


Augusto Evangelisti

Lean Software Development coach, Dublin

Augusto is an Agile and Lean Software Development coach who is passionate about Lean Startup. He helps teams deliver software that matters.

Gus studied mathematics at the University of Bologna and worked at Microsoft as engineer and project lead. Besides being a Playing Lean facilitator Gus works at Ireland’s biggest most successful bookmaker Paddy Power.

Linkedin: Augusto Evangelisti
Twitter: @augeva



Mohamad Mahdi Afshar Azad

Business Advisor, Tehran

Mohamad Mahdi is a creative and energetic guy. He has a good skill in facilitating workshops.He graduated from MBA and focused on Strategic Human resource management. 

He starts his career with teaching in schools and strongly committed to learning by playing concept.

He is the only certified teacher trainer of LEGO Education Academy (STEM) in Iran and also the first certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator and Workshop designer. He implement many workshops and trainings in middle east every year.

Now he is HR/Planning Director of the Admiral Shipping LLC and working on some new startups in the supply chain management.

Linkedin: Mohamad Mahdi Afshar Azad

Twitter: @MohMahAfsAz


Gert Hans Berghuis

Entrepreneur,The Hague

Gert graduated at Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering.

He is now strategist and owner at Fabrique, a design agency with around 100 employees located in Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Gert is also founder of Scrumacademy.nl, an educational center for those who want to learn about Scrum and how it can be applied to multidisciplinary and interactive projects.

LinkedIn: Gert Hans Berghuis
Twitter: @gerthans 

Tibert van Dijk

Coach, Amsterdam

Tibert is trainer in communication, management and personal development and coach for Scrum Teams.

He graduated from the Technical University Delft and worked for 10 years at the City of Amsterdam as a researcher and as a manager of a staff office. His passion for personal development made him change course so he went to work as a trainer and coach of the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP). In 1991 he founded GIFT - a coaching and training company - together with his brother Ernst.

LinkedIn: Tibert van Dijk
Twitter: @TibertvanDijk 

Otto Freijser

Mentor, Breda

Otto is a creative and entrepreneurial hands-on guy, with background in FMCG Marketing, Sales and Retail, co founder of Perpetulon Consulting. He loves to challenge people to think differently, solve problems creatively and help others succeed.

As a mentor at several Lean Startup Machine and Startup Experience events, he enjoys accompanying startups and entrepreneurs in the intense educational experience as they go through the different phases of testing and validating their ideas.

Otto is Lead Evangelist at Playing Lean and he was among the first people who became Facilitator.

LinkedIn: Otto Freijser

Frank Del Gatto

Account Executive Online / Digital, Almere

Frank is a hands on customer and sales driven marketer who thinks outside the box to achieve goals. He had been working 13 years at Aegon until 2013 when he started at Brunel - a global provider of business services.

LinkedIn: Frank Del Gatto

Robbert van Geldrop

Entrepreneur and software developer, Rotterdam

Robert is an entrepreneur and software developer, who wrote his first lines of codes on an Atari ST when he was 8 years old. He founded his first company at the age of 19. He's a TU Delft graduate and together with his university friends, Paul de Grijp and Roland Sars, he founded BackupAgent, a software company which stored backups in the cloud. This company was sold to Acronis in 2014.

Robbert lives in Rotterdam with his family Marjolein, Feline and Philip. He enjoys watching football with his friends and playing a good game of chess from time to time.

LinkedIn: Robbert van Geldrop
Twitter: @rvangeldrop

Larry Philip Monster

Entrepreneur, Rotterdam

Larry took his bachelor of Industrial Design at the Northumbria University in the United Kingdom.

He is currently living in Rotterdam where he founded Motu Labs - a consulting company that helps organisations to innovate by creating new strategies, meaningful products, services and experiences.

Larry is working in blurring the lines of entrepreneurship, design and tech in order to create more value for both businesses as well as customers.

LinkedIn: Larry Monster
Twitter: @MonsterLarry

Joyce Oomen

Entrepreneur, Breda

Joyce has 10 years of experience as a Senior Product Manager and certified New Product Development Professional. She has worked at one of the biggest financial insitutes of the Netherlands: Rabobank. These days Joyce is busy with running Pimcy, an innovation management consulting company that helps teams build products and services that customers really want.

LinkedIn: Joyce Oomen
Twitter: @pimcyjoyce

Martien van Steenbergen

Master agile and lean trainer, Utrecht

Martien is a master agile and lean trainer who helps medium to large organizations to adopt the lean startup mentality and entrepreneurship. He is a compassionate servant leader with a vision and he enjoys turning hard questions and resistance around into a constructive, progressive can-do attitude.
Martien worked as coach at TomTom and spend several years as manager at Microsoft and Sun Systems.

LinkedIn: Martien van Steenbergen

Anton Vanhoucke

Strategist, The Hague

Anton is a strategist, currently working at Fabrique - a multifaceted design studio in the Netherlands. He loves to set up and run projects that pay off in terms of business and communication goals. After a career start at Sara Lee in the fast moving consumer goods, he moved on to communication, branding and interaction. Anton is fascinated by scrum and other ideas to make people more creative and energetic. He loves the challenge of changing behavior, and ultimately bringing a little happiness.

LinkedIn: Anton Vanhoucke
Twitter: @antonvh


Jan-Helge Bergesen

Consultant, Bergen

Jan-Helge studied computer sciences at Bergen University College. These days he is consultant at MILES. He works a lot with systems in telecommunications, both at the technical back-end as well as business support in companies like for example Ericsson in China.

Jan-Helge is also a semi-pro musician and sound engineer as hobby.

LinkedIn: Jan-Helge Bergesen
Twitter: @jhberges

Therese Engen

Project Manager, Oslo

Therese started as developer (she has Masters in Informatics), but quickly discovered interest in process improvement, project management and monitoring teams. She has been working for long time to implement variants of agile methodologies to optimize the development processes, and also Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner.

These days she is helping to build Lean Startup Garage within established organisations.

Fun fact: Therese ran Oslo Half Marathon 3 times and is part owner of the Søstrene Hagelin - A company in Bergen, Norway that sells homemade fish food.

LinkedIn: Therese Engen
Twitter: @theengen

Ole Petter Fjellstad

Manager of business development, Ballangen

Ole studied International Marketing at the University of Southern Denmark. For twelve years he was CEO of Mercell Danmark - a company that optimizes the procurement process between suppliers and purchasers. At the moment Ole is manager of business development in the municipality of Ballangen.

LinkedIn: Ole Petter Fjellstad

Simen Fure Jørgensen

Entrepreneur, Oslo

Simen started out as a Java software developer. After trying to improve the way we make software at previous employers, he co-founded Iterate AS, and was the CEO for 6 years.

While leading Iterate he started to create a playful method to get people understand the dynamics of Lean Startup. This effort became the Playing Lean board game.

These days Simen is also busy with Otovo, a solar energy company that he co-founded in 2016.

LinkedIn: Simen F. Jørgensen
Twitter: @simenfur

Iselin Kornli

Business Developer, Oslo

Iselin graduated in the University of Oslo with MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

She has gained a lot of practical experience of innovative projects and start-up processes in several startups located in Oslo and in Huston, Texas. Iselin also operates as secret change agent with an aim to challenge established companies to innovate.

Iselin likes to play with ideas and new concepts. "It is allowed to think differently and get creative!" she says. "Go out of your comfort zone, this is where real opportunities exist."

LinkedIn: Iselin Kornli
Twitter: @iskornli

Olav Loen

Agile project manager, Bergen

Olav is an agile project manager consultant at Miles. With completed civil engineer degree from NTNU he started as a consultant in software development, but after a few years he explored this interest in teaching by extended his education with Practical Pedagogical Education from the University of Oslo. In 2000 he got to know about eXtreme Programming and has since then been eager to learn more about agile methods and how this can improve the software development processes.

Olav also holds a Master of Business Administration from BI where one of the topics was entrepreneurship. With his technical insight and business understanding, Olav is constantly exploring business ideas with Lean Startup in his non-consulting time. Currently one of the projects is to support / improve the facilitator experience of Playing Lean.

LinkedIn: Olav Loen

Tore Rasmussen

Entrepreneur, Oslo

Tore is a hardworking and outgoing guy. He graduated from NMBU with MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about Lean Startup techniques and putting them into practical use. Leading by example and bringing out the best in people he works with.

He is co-founder of Playing Lean, currently scaling the Playing Lean Facilitator club, and working on setting up innovation conferences for clients.

LinkedIn: Tore Rasmussen
Twitter: @ToreRasmussen

Christina Kjær Seime

Agile Coach, Oslo

Christina works as an Agile Coach at Miles - a Norwegian consultancy company. She is devoted to get teams and organisations to collaborate and work efficiently, using Agile and Lean methodologies. Since she graduated from NTNU in 2004 she has been working in numerous development projects in telecommunications, energy, media and public sectors. She has an extra interest on what motivates us at work, and is always on the lookout for methods and techniques to become a better Agile leader.

LinkedIn: Christina Kjær Seime
Twitter: @christinakseime

Trygve Skibeli

Business consultant, Oslo

Trygve graduated as civil engineer at NTH in Trondheim (now NTNU). After his graduation in 1985 he worked for IBM in the United States and Norway. Later he co-founded and raised Intility to a position in the IT market. In the last 5 years he has been working as a business consultant at Miles with a focus on innovation and Supply Chain Management. Trygve is socially engaged and thrives on bicycle, ski or kite.

LinkedIn: Trygve Skibeli
Twitter: @inttrsk

Espen Vindegg

Project manager, Oslo

Espen is a team oriented project manager and business analyst and certified in Agile, Lean Six Sigma and Scrum with practical experience in each field.

He has been working as consultat for several years. At the moment he is senior consultant at MILES AS and analyst and partner in Partikkel Mikrobetaling AS - The user friendly and scalable media micropayment solution.

LinkedIn: Espen Vindegg

Magnus Ramstad Dahl

Entrepreneur, Oslo
Magnus lives and works in Oslo, Norway.  He has a background in business, economics, and politics from serving as a deputy member at the city council at the 5th largest local government in Norway. He brought global movement FuckUpNights to Norway, which is arranged quarterly in the largest cities in Norway. Magnus is also an aspiring angel investor, and part of Startuplab, one of the foremost incubators in the Nordics.
The last four years he has working and studying in Indonesia and Singapore. 
Most recently doing an MBA level Entrepreneurship program at NUS in Singapore, as part of highest ranked entrepreneurship program in the Nordics, Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship. Working on a market research project in Indonesia he learned the Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia, and established a network and understanding of the region.

Bruno Pešec

Industrial Engineer, Lean Practitioner, Oslo

Entrepreneurial industrial engineer who sees beyond the product and looks at the whole operational value stream. Relentless in pursuit of excellence and finding ways to get things done better.

Bruno has a master in industrial engineering and management from UNIZG, specialisation in production and quality engineering from NTNU, and has been trained by Toyota in corporate value creation and innovation.

After corporate jobs in defence and manufacturing industries, Bruno started working with startups, applying his industrial engineering and Lean knowledge. Besides work, Bruno is a passionate practitioner of martial arts.

LinkedIn: Bruno Pešec

Agathe Tørris

Problem Solver & Project Manager/ Business Developer

Agathe combines a strategic approach with a can do attitude to find optimal pragmatic solutions for her partners and clients. She can easily operate in English, French, Scandinavian, German and Spanish speaking environments.

Agathe has a broad cross-industry experience within the private and public sector, e.g. Media, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Cleantechs, Energy, Aerospace, Rail, Automotive, Mining, Insurance, Consumer Business and NPO’s.

LinkedIn: Agathe Tørris


Mirosław Dąbrowski

Product Owner, Agile/Lean Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker; Warsaw

Mirosław is an independent Agile Transformational Coach. For more than 13 years he has been active in IT. Going all the way up from development roles (dev/ba/design/architecture) to management and director positions. Now he is a CEO that runs a company of management and leadership consultants and trainers.

He is heavily involved in promoting management standards. As a board member of PMI Poland Chapter he is responsible for PMI regional development working as VP of Regional Development. In the DSDM Consortium he helps in promoting agile standards all around the globe. Mirek is one of the most qualified trainer and coach with more than 120 certifications and 5000 people trained both from hard-skills and soft-skills areas. He is the first and the only DSDM Agile Trainer-Coach in Poland.

Web: miroslawdabrowski.com
Email: miroslawdabrowski@gmail.com
LinkedIn: miroslawdabrowski
Twitter: @mirodabrowski


Dimitri Suholet

Product Manager, Moscow

Dmitry is graduated in computer sciences. After few years as a software developer he shifted to work as project manager, first in the telecom industry, then in the bank sector. At the moment he is employed by Yandex - one of the largest internet companies in Europe.

Besides being a Playing Lean facilitator Dmitry is also certified in Gamification.

LinkedIn: Dimitri Suholet 


Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier

Managing Director, Zurich

Jean-Pierre is a financial expert and pitch trainer who has been active in the field of start-ups and venture financing for more than 15 years. He initiated the start-up news channel startupticker.ch.

At the moment he is Managing Director of the leading Swiss financing platform CTI Invest. Besides he gives lectures regarding entrepreneurship in various Universities around Switzerland.

LinkedIn: Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier

Mike Baur

Vice President, Zurich

Mike was fascinated by Banking & Finance already in his teen ages. Following this interest he got first his Bachelor Banking and Finance then his Master Degree in Business Administration. He is currently the Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg and responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds of the Swiss Start-up Factory.

LinkedIn: Mike Baur

Oliver Walzer


Oliver finished his Master’s Degree in Computer Science and working as a CTO ever since. He is currently busy with the Swiss Start Up Factory: a Zurich-based accelerator looking for thriving digital entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn: Oliver Walzer 


Prof. Markus Zemp, M.A.

Markus Zemp is Director of MBA and lecturer for Business Development, Start-up’s, Strategic Management and Leadership at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Business. He is a business economist (European Economics) with a master graduation in social science and has over 20 years experience in the industry.

For more than 20 Years he train people with business simulations and serious games. Therefore he has extensive experience as Facilitator and also as Start-up Coach. He crate and holds customized workshops for companies. Beside he holds also abstracts and lectures at professional events and conferences.

Xing Link: Markus Zemp

Fontana Valentina

Valentina completed her studies as a business economist FH, main emphasis in corporate communications. Even then, she was involved, in various projects (also as co-founder) and was on the board of a non-profit organization (Slow Food). After graduation, she worked for a start-up and became acquainted with all the entrepreneurship facets. Today, she accompanies and supports students as well as employees in the Start-up program “Smart-up” of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. On the other hand she is trying to keep her 6-year-old in check and loves to explore the world with her.

LinkedIn: Fontana Valentina


United Kingdom

Andy Bass, PhD | BassClusker Consulting 

Andy is the founder and principal of BassClusker Consulting, a leadership and strategy consultancy that helps organisations to do better and faster work with the resources they already have. He has clients across a wide range of industries and sectors including packaging, professional services, technology, media, health, financial services, automotive and education. While based in the UK, Andy travels extensively, and has worked in the US, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Russia and China. He has taught at management consulting at Warwick and Aston Business Schools.

Andy is author of The Performance Papers: Incisive Briefings for Busy Leaders, published by Bookshaker, and Seven Keys To Releasing Potential In Your Business, Your People, And Yourself, available at his website: www.bassclusker.com. Andrew has a PhD in Software Engineering from Aston University, and a BSc in Computer Science and Ergonomics also from Aston. 

Outside of work, Andy has dabbled in the dangerous world of stand-up comedy (with decidedly mixed results!), and plays lead guitar in a tribute band dedicated to the music of Canadian progressive rock band Rush.

LinkedIn: Andy Bass
Twitter: @bassclusker 

Andrew Kidd

Andrew's work centres around delivering change in 3 key areas for his clients - deciding what to do, doing it, and working together. Simple, you might say, but far from simplistic, as human being are incredibly complex creatures. Please read on to see examples of how Andrew can add value, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

A final word on Behavioural Change:

"You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event – it is a habit"

-Aristotle on Excellence

LinkedIn: Andrew Kidd 
Twitter: @CoachKidd 

The United Arab Emirates

Jorge Castellote


A citizen of the world and a proud Spaniard from Madrid. After graduating from Heriot-Watt University (Scotland) Jorge joined Fiat Auto in Italy, where he tested new engine prototypes as a Mechanical Engineer.

In 2008, with a passion for helping organizations improve their performance and for developing sustainable business models, he began exploring opportunities in the consulting industry.

Having realized the fast pace at which technology and ideologies change around us, Jorge now focus on helping organizations of all sizes to leverage best practices and innovative strategies to achieve sustainable growth and stay ahead of the competition.

LinkedIn: Jorge Castellote
Twitter: @sircastel

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