Here are some of the questions we have received about the game. Do you have a question about how the game works, or maybe about workshop facilitation using Playing Lean? Send your question to

Game Play Video

Start out by checking this video. Most players get their questions answered by sitting back and enjoying the solitaire gameplay.

Out of cubes

Q: What do you do when you run out of the cubes during the game?

A: The number of pieces is not meant to be a constraint in the game. There are simply just too few cubes in the box. To mend this, simply use three cubes as counters on the Company Building area, moving them to the right as you build it up.

Moving around the cubes

Q: The bricks that a player places on the company building section. Once placed, are these bricks allowed to stay there for the rest of the game? Is it ok to move them if I need more features in the product? Can they be moved within a turn?

A: The cubes stay where they were put for the rest of the game, and can not be moved. That goes for Company Building. For the Product you can remove features and build new features elsewhere, but not simply move the cubes from one line to another (from circles to triangles, for instance).:

Idling employees

Q: Is it ok to have employees doing nothing?

A: It's OK to have them do nothing. Many players also choose to put them on (blind) green selling to try to increase their employee count.

Play time

Q: Is 90 minutes realistic for game play including explaining the game and debrief?

A: No. 90 minutes is for "pure play". 150 minutes is more like it for rules explanation and debrief.