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The Netherlands

Gert Hans Berghuis

Entrepreneur / The Hague

Gert graduated at Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering.

He is now strategist and owner at Fabrique, a design agency with around 100 employees located in Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Gert is also founder of, an educational center for those who want to learn about Scrum and how it can be applied to multidisciplinary and interactive projects.

LinkedIn: Gert Hans Berghuis
Twitter: @gerthans 

Tibert van Dijk

Coach / Amsterdam

Tibert is trainer in communication, management and personal development and coach for Scrum Teams.

He graduated from the Technical University Delft and worked for 10 years at the City of Amsterdam as a researcher and as a manager of a staff office. His passion for personal development made him change course so he went to work as a trainer and coach of the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP). In 1991 he founded GIFT - a coaching and training company - together with his brother Ernst.

LinkedIn: Tibert van Dijk
Twitter: @TibertvanDijk 

Otto Freijser

Mentor / Breda

Otto is a creative and entrepreneurial hands-on guy, with background in FMCG Marketing, Sales and Retail, co founder of Perpetulon Consulting. He loves to challenge people to think differently, solve problems creatively and help others succeed.

As a mentor at several Lean Startup Machine and Startup Experience events, he enjoys accompanying startups and entrepreneurs in the intense educational experience as they go through the different phases of testing and validating their ideas.

Otto is Lead Evangelist at Playing Lean and he was among the first people who became Facilitator.

LinkedIn: Otto Freijser

Frank Del Gatto

Account Executive Online - Digital / Almere

Frank is a hands on customer and sales driven marketer who thinks outside the box to achieve goals. He had been working 13 years at Aegon until 2013 when he started at Brunel - a global provider of business services.

LinkedIn: Frank Del Gatto

Robbert van Geldrop

Entrepreneur and Software Developer / Rotterdam

Robert is an entrepreneur and software developer, who wrote his first lines of codes on an Atari ST when he was 8 years old. He founded his first company at the age of 19. He's a TU Delft graduate and together with his university friends, Paul de Grijp and Roland Sars, he founded BackupAgent, a software company which stored backups in the cloud. This company was sold to Acronis in 2014.

Robbert lives in Rotterdam with his family Marjolein, Feline and Philip. He enjoys watching football with his friends and playing a good game of chess from time to time.

LinkedIn: Robbert van Geldrop
Twitter: @rvangeldrop

Larry Philip Monster

Entrepreneur / Rotterdam

Larry took his bachelor of Industrial Design at the Northumbria University in the United Kingdom.

He is currently living in Rotterdam where he founded Motu Labs - a consulting company that helps organisations to innovate by creating new strategies, meaningful products, services and experiences.

Larry is working in blurring the lines of entrepreneurship, design and tech in order to create more value for both businesses as well as customers.

LinkedIn: Larry Monster
Twitter: @MonsterLarry

Joyce Oomen

Entrepreneur / Breda

Joyce has 10 years of experience as a Senior Product Manager and certified New Product Development Professional. She has worked at one of the biggest financial insitutes of the Netherlands: Rabobank. These days Joyce is busy with running Pimcy, an innovation management consulting company that helps teams build products and services that customers really want.

LinkedIn: Joyce Oomen
Twitter: @pimcyjoyce

Martien van Steenbergen

Master Agile and Lean Trainer / Utrecht

Martien is a master agile and lean trainer who helps medium to large organizations to adopt the lean startup mentality and entrepreneurship. He is a compassionate servant leader with a vision and he enjoys turning hard questions and resistance around into a constructive, progressive can-do attitude. 
Martien worked as coach at TomTom and spend several years as manager at Microsoft and Sun Systems.

LinkedIn: Martien van Steenbergen

Anton Vanhoucke

Strategist / The Hague

Anton is a strategist, currently working at Fabrique - a multifaceted design studio in the Netherlands. He loves to set up and run projects that pay off in terms of business and communication goals. After a career start at Sara Lee in the fast moving consumer goods, he moved on to communication, branding and interaction. Anton is fascinated by scrum and other ideas to make people more creative and energetic. He loves the challenge of changing behavior, and ultimately bringing a little happiness.

LinkedIn: Anton Vanhoucke
Twitter: @antonvh

Harry Wichers

Business Development Manager Marketing & Communications / Utrecht

Harry has a lot of working experience: product and project manager at Postbank for 11 years, marketing manager at CVB Bank for 8 years, director at Wichers Consultancy & Interim Management and director at For All Finance for over 12 years. He now works at Brunel as the Business Development Manager.

He got his education in Business Management from Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Masters from TIAS School for Business and Society.

His skills include Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy,

LinkedIn: Harry Wichers

Richard Dijkman

Director of Brunel, Marketing & Communications / Amsterdam

Richard is the director of Brunel Marketing & Communication, which is a part of Brunel Netherlands. The team specializes in the recruitment of highly qualified marketing and communication professionals and focuses on organizations that want to innovate and move forward.

Richard’s strength is in developing teams and organizations. He is described as a team player, builder, motivator and a doer.

He says that marketing is a wonderful profession and gets his energy from happy customers.

LinkedIn: Richard Dijkman

Onno Makor

Change management, Lean startup coach / Rotterdam

Ono has a background in product design, a passion for innovation and a broad interest in developing new products and business concepts. He coaches organizations in developing user centric products & services that fit their business needs.

LinkedIn: Onno Makor
Twitter: @0nno

Edwin de Vos

Partner in Professional Play / Amersfoort

As a partner in Professional Play, Edwin runs a toy store for strategic organisation issues.

His mission is to help organisations in effectively solving their strategic issues by unlocking the knowledge and potential already available. For that, he makes use of playful methods and tools like Playing Lean.

Besides being a Playing Lean facilitator, Edwin is a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator and owner/ trainer/ facilitator of the business game The Management Challenge®.

LinkedIn: Edwin de Vos

Hans Schwenk

Consultant / Amsterdam

Organisational effectiveness – leadership, management and strategy - is a collective craft that needs steady nurture. Hans's passion is in facilitating such; by listening, connecting, and inspiring shared action; by anticipating and diagnosing the root causes of technical and soft problems so that people learn, strengthen and improve; and by tactfully encouraging behaviours that shape stronger teams and outcomes.

LinkedIn: Hans Schwenk

Wendell Pengel

Agile Coach / Almere

Wendell is a change agent for business and organizations, guiding them in their new ways of agile working.

LinkedIn: Wendell Pengel

Rana Pahladsingh

Agile Coach / Amsterdam

Patrick Leuven

Agile Coach / Amsterdam

As an Agile Coach, Patrick helps teams, portfolios, management and organizations as a whole transform to Agile.

LinkedIn: Patrick Leuven

Onno Sminia

Global Innovation Manager / Rotterdam

Innovation Manager with startup experience helping corporations to innovate and become more sustainable.

LinkedIn: Onno Sminia

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