Playing Lean

Teaches Lean Startup in 90 minutes!

Playing Lean board game

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You can read about aerodynamics, but it won't teach how to fly. You can, however, learn how to fly in a flight simulator. It is a risk free environment where pilots-to-be can make wrong decisions without damaging expensive equipment or causing loss of life. 

Playing Lean is our "flight simulator" for innovation and Lean Startup. It's an enjoyable board game where players are forced to make difficult choices without risking their life savings or the future of their workplaces. The worst case scenario is a humiliating defeat at the hands of your colleagues (quite scary, actually).

In Playing Lean, you lead a team that tries to get from an idea to a winning product. The transition from dealing with visionary individuals to capturing large chunks of thousands of customers will be difficult. The choices you make will be hard ones: should you go with your gut and build what you think the market needs, or should you spend your sparse resources on experiments?

Playing Lean simulates the experience of launching a successful product into a board game that can be played in 90 minutes. Along the way, players will learn the core concepts and vocabulary of the Lean Startup. And they will remember it because they have experienced it.








This game was funded on Kickstarter in June 2015. Go check out our Playing Lean campaign page to see how that all went down! 

To learn about the Playing Lean Facilitator Club see the information page.