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We continue our Playing Lean Expert webinar series with Sean Buckland, the owner of  a consultancy company Design for Service.

On our blog we've published a case study which examines key learning points that helped them get started, and steered them in the right direction. 

Now, in our next webinar, Sean will share two practical innovation techniques that ensure you’re focusing on the best opportunity.

One of the downsides of “That Great Idea” you’ve just had is you suddenly develop tunnel vision. The brain kicks in to overdrive and starts rushing to make the facts fit the theory.

Sean has been there, and you've probably been there as well.

From the field of Systematic Innovation, in this webinar Sean will introduce two simple, yet stunningly effective ways to help you keep your eyes wide open to finding the right problem to solve.

‘Nine Windows’ is a structured method for helping you contextualize your focus in terms of both timespan and solution space.

‘Problem Explorer’ takes any start point and creates clarity of purpose and context so that you can scale up or down your ambitions to find the optimal problem to solve.

This webinar is especially relevant for people who are interested in creating better solutions and finding gaps in the market.

The webinar will be broadcasted on Zoom, on Monday December 14th, 18:00 UTC/GMT+1.

Please register here and reserve your seat!

If you can't make it and would really love to watch it in your own time, a recording of the webinar will be sent to our newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe to our newsletter here to get access to our webinar recordings, as well as future webinar announcements, Playing Lean updates and more great content!

See you there!


Sean’s thirty-year career includes extensive work in change as a organizational psychologist, and service business redesign as a Lean Six Sigma specialist. 

He set up his first business in 2007 and continues to love pretty much every minute of it.

Having read the Lean Start Up some years back he decided to add innovation to his improvement portfolio, and has since supported a number of start-ups to transform their offerings and profitability.

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