Play Playing Lean online with us on December 8th!

Free Course: Introduction to the Lean Startup Methodology

Most of you have probably read the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, or have went through numerous articles on the internet explaining the fundamentals of the Lean Startup Methodology, and have an idea of what the core concepts are.

Our board game Playing Lean reflects the Lean Startup Methodology in a thorough way, by conveying the key concepts through the gaming experience, which makes the lessons stick for a longer time.

That is why we call Playing Lean our flight simulator for Lean Startup.

For those of you who want to have all the learnings in one place, that you can come back to anytime you need, we have made a free online course: Introduction to the Lean Startup Methodology which thoroughly covers all the Lean Startup fundamentals.

Course curriculum:

Lesson 1: Lean Startup Fundamentals
Lesson 2: Technology Adoption Curve
Lesson 3: Four Stages of Innovation
Lesson 4: The Business Model Canvas Explained
Lesson 5: Making the most out of the Value Proposition Canvas
Lesson 6: Experiment Report

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