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Playing Lean Facilitator Toolbox

Teaching Lean Startup can be challenging. That is why we made Playing Lean in the first place! Everyone can buy the game and play it with friends and colleagues, but holding an entire Playing Lean workshop is a different matter.

Our Playing Lean Facilitators have gone through the Playing Lean Facilitator training, and are uniquely qualified to hold amazing Playing Lean workshops, after which participants can return to their jobs and businesses with a wealth of knowledge having experienced what it's like to run a startup from idea to market!

Playing Lean Facilitators also get access to various assets which include workshop and marketing materials (presentations, workshop posters, visuals, product brochures, flyers etc.), and ready-to-use templates for playing and delivering Playing Lean in the online world!

To share a piece of those assets and give back to our Playing Lean community, we have made a Facilitator's Toolbox, which includes 6 workshop posters in high quality that you can use however you want: in your own workshops, presentations, lectures or other.

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