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Three companies that boosted Playing Lean 2

Last year was an exciting year, with a successful Kickstarter campaign behind us that helped fund the production of a new Playing Lean game - the second edition, and new scenarios to expand the game. This was made possible with the help of 208 backers from all over the world who funded our initial goal and pushed it to 469%, and three sponsors that truly supported us on our journey.

These three companies use Playing Lean and the Lean Startup methods as a way to help their employees and customers solve their problems.

Mentive was founded in 2006 by J Soledad Raul Alonzo Quiroz. The name Mentive is a union of the Mayan word “Ment” (create, elaborate) and the English word “creative”. With the help of three young entrepreneurs they developed a software that helps entrepreneurs work and develop their skills while creating new projects. 

The company’s vision is to become a place where people learn about the models of Customer Development, Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas. The goal is to teach the mentality that a fast failure could lead to a future success. 

BIGJUMP started in 2010 when a prototype of a federated search platform was developed to assist law firms. Joeri, the founder, now works across a variety of projects with the development of prototypes and minimum viable products. For the past 8 years he has been building and testing his own prototypes and the application of Lean Startup and associated methods.

BIGJUMP is helping organisations with their innovation journey through a holistic approach using the latest methodologies and tools such as: The Lean Startup, Business Modelling, Customer Development, Design Thinking, Agile Delivery, Teal Management, Innovation Strategy and Innovation Ecosystem Design.

Design for Service is a specialist education and consultancy firm that helps organisations improve service quality, employee morale and financial position. Their approach is to equip directors, managers and staff with the knowledge and skills to overcome the operational or business issues that they are facing in day-to-day service delivery, organisational design, or with implementing strategic change.

In the following blog posts our sponsors will present their case studies on how they implemented Lean Startup in their companies.

Teaching Lean Startup can be challenging. That's why we made Playing Lean in the first place! Everyone can buy the game and play it with friends and colleagues, but holding an entire workshop is a different matter. This is where the Facilitator Training comes in handy.

Join us in Frankfurt in September or London in November for a facilitator workshop and learn how to use Playing Lean as a teaching tool. 

You will learn how to:

  • teach Lean Startup in an engaging and effective way,
  • adjust facilitation style to different audiences, and
  • lead retrospection sessions to reinforce the learning.

  • For more info on the training visit our website

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