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Business Modelling Facilitator Training

Do you want to facilitate great Business Modelling workshops? With Playing Lean's Business Modelling Facilitator Training, you get everything you need in one package.

  • Online classes providing all the theory you need.
  • Ready made and adaptable workshops for the Business Model Canvas.
  • Ready made and adaptable workshops for the Lean Canvas.
  • Downloadable presentations for you to use and adapt.
  • Downloadable stickers and exercise setups.
  • References for further study, personal development, and growth.
  • Discount on all products on
  • Discount on other certifications provided by Playing Lean
  • Access to the Playing Lean Facilitator Club

With Business Modelling Facilitator Training you add one new tool to your toolbox.

Business Modelling Theory

We will give you the background on what a business model is and talk about why business modelling is important. We will also go through the two most popular tools for business modelling:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Lean Canvas

The training takes you through each of the blocks of the two tools and explains the structure and relationships of the canvasses. We also compare the tools conceptually and discuss which tool is preferable in different settings. 

Business Modelling Case

We take you through the details of mapping AirBnB's business model both to the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Canvas. Afterwards, we compare the two tools again to see how they differ in a practical setting.

In the mapping exercise, we use ready-made stickers for canvasses that you can download and use as a Business Modelling Facilitator.

Running Business Modelling Workshop

Next we take you through how to organize an awesome Business Modelling workshop. With BMFT, you get everything you need to run a workshop using both Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas.

We have even prepared two sets of slides for you:

  • Business Model Workshop slides using the Business Model Canvas
  • Business Model Workshop slides using the Lean Canvas

As with all the other assets, the slides are free for you to download, change and use as you wish.

Delivering remote

We provide you with insights and discussions on how to deliver a Business Modelling Workshop 100% remote, complete with an example of how to do a sticker exercise using free tools. 

Making it yours!

Use Business Modelling Facilitator Training as a lego block. Combine it with your favorite tools, zoom in on each canvas block or zoom out on the wider context. Perhaps you should extend it with a Playing Lean workshop.

We also provide advice for adapting the Business Modelling Workshop to various settings, whether you're an intrapreneur, a coach or an educator.

Become certified

Once you have finished your lessons, you are ready to take our Business Modelling Facilitator exam. 

Once you pass the exam you are done, and will become a Certified Business Modelling Facilitator!

Who is this for?

This training is for intrapreneurs, coaches and educators who want to add a new training tool to their toolbox. It's ready for use, but also adaptable. Make it yours and make it count.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to organize a Business Modelling Workshop. You will get just enough theory to pull it off, but also references to a lot of excellent additional resources.

You will get assets and insights to do warmup exercise with AirBnB as a case, the background required to go through the included workshop presentations and a lot of pointers on how to adapt the workshop and make it yours. 

What will my participants learn?

Your participants will get an introduction to Business Modelling, including why it is important and a set of motivational examples from real life. You will take them through a sticker exercise so that they understand what business modelling is all about and how to use it.

Facilitator Club

The Facilitator Club is a unique community of Playing Lean Facilitators. We share everything from ideas and techniques to workshop slides - all in the name of creating an ever better experience for players and workshops attendees.

Attendees of Business Modelling Facilitator Training get to join the Facilitator Club, an online community on Slack where facilitators can discuss workshops, opportunities and everything Lean Startup. Club members get nice perks such as:

  • Discount on games and extensions.
  • Access to workshop materials (presentations, templates, visuals, etc).
  • Access to marketing materials (product descriptions, flyers, brochures,etc).
  • Access to facilitation software made by club members.
  • Participation in development of the Playing Lean universe.
  • Networking with coaches and consultants all over the world.
  • Marketing support through our channels.
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