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Andres Herrera Carrero

Agile Manager & Enterprise Agile Coach / Santiago

Andres is the CEO of Brainswitch. He has dedicated himself to the agile world, applying Scrum and agile methodologies to new teams, and coaching in projects for the Colombian, Chilean and Latin American market.

He’s the co-founder and active member of the Agile Colombia community and speaker and collaborator on agile events. He’s been spreading agile throughout the continent by giving speeches on universities and other agile communities.

LinkedIn: Andres Herrera Carrero 
Twitter: @andrez219

Francisco Camacho Briceño

Director of Learning and Development / Santiago

Francisco studied organizational psychology at the University of Las Americas, got his Master’s in Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a diploma in Leadership and Coaching from Adolfo Ibáñez University.

He is a consultant in people management, focused on helping various national and multinational industries and companies to identify and generate the expected behaviours necessary for the achievement of corporate strategy and its results.

LinkedIn: Francisco Camacho Briceno 
Twitter: @Cammaccio

Gonzalo Vargas Aspe

Commissions and Projects Supervisor / Santiago

Gonzalo is a Commissions and Projects Supervisor for Confuturo Seguros. He’s a commercial engineer, with a bachelors in economics and masters in innovation with 7 years of experience mainly in analysis of complex scenarios through data and proposals of improvements in computer tools.

He’s skills include innovation, communication skills, leadership and analytical skills. He’s fluent in English and French.

LinkedIn: Gonzalo Vargas Aspe

Hector Delgado

Deputy Manager of Business Continuity IT / Santiago

Hector is an Electronic Engineer, with a diploma in Innovation, Technology and Business and a Master in Innovation from Adolfo Ibañez University. He has extensive experience in the direction of technology projects and software development and implementation processes. He is the leader of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, both in Chile and abroad applying methodology of service experience design. His interests lie in IT, projects, innovation and technology.

He is the Manager for Business Continuity  for Chilexpress and Senior IT Project & Process Manager for LAN Airlines.

LinkedIn: Hector Delgado 
Twitter: @hdelgado2010

Jaime Carril Fuentes

Agile Coach / Santiago

Jaime is an Industrial Civil Engineer with an interest in computer science and the web He’s passionate about cultural transformation and is always looking how to make things better.

Continuous learning keeps him motivated and committed in what he does. He helps companies eliminate the "local optimum" to focus more on the "global".

He’s currently working for LATAM Airlines, where he’s in charge of leading the company’s agile transformation by coaching teams on agile values and principles, making transformations at HR level, making changes in paradigms of product creation based on Lean Start Up and developing a feedback culture in the company.

LinkedIn: Jaime Carril Fuentes 
Twitter: @dRjota

Juan José Puga

Database Project Manager / Santiago

Juan has been the Database Project Manager for the last 7 years at Banco Bci, a company that delivers financial services. He got his Information Technology Management degree from the University of Chile in 2007.

He also works for Sonda, the leading systems integrator and IT service provider in Latin America, where he is the DBA of a project related to pension funds.

LinkedIn: Juan José Puga 
Twitter: @jpuga

Marcelo Oñate Palacios

Head of Training Department / Santiago

Marcelo got his Master’s degree in Innovation from Adolfo Ibáñez University. He worked as a Regional Sales Agent for several years for Sofofa Training and Employment Corporation.

He is now the Head of the Training Department at the Clinical Hospital of University of Chile which provides hospital and paediatric emergency care and maternity care.

LinkedIn: Marcelo Onate Palacios

Mauricio Lorca

Director at OTL Nuclear de Chile / Santiago

Mauricio is the director of OTL Nuclear de Chile. Academic experience in engineering and knowledge management topics, skills and expertise in Information Technologies and Policies for Science, Technology and Innovation, enables him to lead the design, implementation and operation of innovation strategies and development projects of innovation management capabilities in business.

He also exercises leadership focused on change and continuous improvement processes developed and updated in response to the organization's strategic questions.

LinkedIn: Mauricio Lorca 
Twitter: @MauricioLORCA

Miguel Angel Rojas

Manager & Coach / Santiago

Miguel is an engineer who works for the South American retail company. He is a PMO and QA manager, and is also a certified coach by the ICF.

His leadership style is based on the inclusion of multifunctional resources and the generation of trust, allowing everyone to build on their abilities to achieve exceptional results.

LinkedIn: Miguel Angel Rojas 
Twitter: @rojavill

Nelda Cordova

Business and Finance Manager / Santiago

Nelda has been working at Financoop for almost 11 years as the business and finance manager. She has experience in liquidity management, budgeting, project evaluation and management control.

She has a diploma in leadership and coaching from Adolfo Ibanez University and a masters in management skills, organizational development.

LinkedIn: Nelda Cordova 
Twitter: @NeldaCordova

Patricio Ariel Montecinos Duran

Project Manager / Santiago

Patricio studied civil engineering at the Catholic University of the Holy Conception, got his diploma in Assessment and Management of Computer Projects from University of Chile and a diploma in Business and Innovation Management from the Adolfo Ibáñez University.

He is the Project manager at Banco Bci, and teaches at Andres Bello University. Besides being a Playing Lean Facilitator, Patricio is also certified in Agile Leadership, Project Management with Scrum Manager, LoadRunner, ITIL Foundations V3.

LinkedIn: Patricio Ariel Montecinos Duran

Patricio Riquelme Guajardo

Founder at Aolis / Santiago

Patricio has a Master's degree in Innovation. He is the founder of Startup Alois.

He also does research and innovation for people who care for patients with Alzheimer.

Twitter: @do_sostenido

Pedro Araya Huerta

Head of Technological Innovation / Santiago

Pedro holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Santiago de Chile. He has 12 years of professional experience in the area of information technologies with a diploma in Management Skills and Business Intelligence from University of Chile.

Besides his technical skills, he has skills in interpersonal relationships, leadership and project management. He understands the need of a business. He’s innovative and creative when it comes to developing solutions to complex problems and adapts to new challenges.

LinkedIn: Pedro Araya Huerta

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