Facilitator Training Online

We have trained more than 100 Playing Lean Facilitators around the world. They are uniquely qualified to turn a Playing Lean workshop into the best learning event for their clients or students. Now you can become a Playing Lean Facilitator from the comfort of your own home!

The Playing Lean Facilitator training consists of three parts.

Part 1: Game Master Training

First, you will go through all the theory in video sessions and you can do when it suits you. The sessions will give you an introduction to Lean Startup that you can download and use afterwards. You will get an insight into the Facilitator Theory, making sure you know all the tips and tricks we use ourselves to set up great events. You will get the backstories for the Hospitality Experiment Cards, enabling you to teach lots of Lean Startup lessons as your games progress.

Part 2: Remote group training session

In the second phase of the training you go through a 90 minute group session on Zoom. In the session, we will take you through the physical setup of a Playing Lean 2 game, how to set up and get organized, the reading of experiment cards and any questions you might have.

Part 3: Live workshop recording & review

Lastly, the third part is yourself in action! You will gather a group of players and film yourself facilitating a game. Once you are done, you will upload the video and we will review and give you detailed and personal feedback.*

Once you have successfully completed all of the training phases you will receive your Playing Lean Facilitator diploma!

Facilitator Club

The Facilitator Club is a unique community of Playing Lean Facilitators. We share everything from ideas and techniques to workshop slides - all in the name of creating an ever better experience for players and workshops attendees.

Attendees of Playing Lean Facilitator Training Online get to join the Facilitator Club, an online community on Slack where facilitators can discuss workshops, opportunities and everything Lean Startup. Club members get nice perks such as:

  • Discount on games and extensions
  • Access to workshop materials (presentations, templates, visuals, etc)
  • Access to marketing materials (product descriptions, flyers, brochures,etc)
  • Access to facilitation software made by club members
  • Participation in development of the Playing Lean universe
  • Networking with coaches and consultants all over the world
  • Marketing support through our channels

Join us now and become a Playing Lean Facilitator! 

*Please observe any restrictions put in travel or gatherings as a measure against COVID-19. Please postpone the recording if your options are limited.

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