The Facilitator Club is a unique community of Playing Lean Facilitators. We share everything from ideas and techniques to workshop slides - all in the name of creating an ever better experience for players and workshops attendees.

Our members have attended Playing Lean Facilitator Training and are uniquely qualified to make a Playing Lean workshop into a great event.


Innovation is the life blood of any company. Or it should be, at least, in these fast moving and extremely competitive times. Too often though, organisations find themselves struggling to make their ideas succeed.

Organisations large and small are using new methods to innovate faster. And more and more are finding the Lean Startup method helps them improve the odds of success. First described in the best-selling book by Eric Ries, Lean Startup is now a movement that is transforming how new products and services are built.

So, how do you teach about Lean Startup? 

Playing Lean - Fun and effective

In addition to being an educational board game for change makers who need to teach others about the Lean Startup methodology, Playing Lean uses classic game mechanics to ignite the competitive spirit.

The concept has taken inspiration from Eric Ries' The Lean Startup, and has been developed in collaboration with Ash Maurya, the author of the internationally known and applied Running Lean book.

Our goal is for everyone to be able to buy a game and play it with friends and colleagues. In addition we would like to give the opportunity for people to organise full workshop and be able to teach others about lean startup. That’s why we are organising Playing Lean Facilitator Training.


What will you get by joining a Facilitator Training?

We have years of experience using Playing Lean at workshops and conferences all over the world.

We will give you all our secrets, including how to:

  • Introduce Lean Startup before starting the game, using the official set of slides that you will get access to. This includes our input on how to adapt the presentations to your context, the player's skill levels and the time you have available.
  • Make attendees focus on learning from the game as well as playing it. This is harder than you might think! We will tell you how to set up the table, how to get attention and how to balance between fun and education. We'll even give you the stories that we use to make the experience great!
  • Lead the retrospective that follows the play-through, including different options on how to get the most of the post-game experience. We also add in exercises you might consider doing after playing the game.
  • More than that, we'll let you be the facilitator for a while and give you direct input on your own style!

Facilitator Club

Attendees also get to join the Facilitator Club free of charge for 12 months. Facilitator club is an online community on Slack where facilitators can discuss workshops, opportunities and everything Lean Startup Club members get nice perks, such as:



The cost of the Facilitator Training is €900. For that you get:

  • A full day training event that helps you to use Playing Lean as an effective tool
  • Access to Playing Lean's Facilitator Club Access to ready to use workshop presentations
  • Help to organize official Playing Lean workshops with marketing help and access to texts and assets.
  • 20% discount on games bought at

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