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Media coverage

Playing Lean 2 Media coverage 

Shifter - Otovo-gründer lanserer oppfølger til «Lean Startup»-spill (NOR)

Playing Lean 1 Media coverage 

E24 - Tre gründere som feilet: Tipsene til deg som er redd for å mislykkes (NOR)

Dagens Næringsliv - Norske næringslivsleder sverger til lean (NOR)

E24 - Dette spillet kan sette norsk Kickstarter-rekord (NOR)

Innomag - Brettspill skal lære verden “lean startup” (NOR)

t3n - „Play fast, break things!“ – Mittels Brettspiel zum Lean Startup (DE)

Retail Rocket Blog - Как принципы игры «Playing Lean» помогают в создании продуктов (RUS)

StartupJuncture - Mastering lean while having fun: Playing Lean (ENG)

Inc - Top 4 Board Games For Aspiring Entrepreneurs (ENG)

Irish Tech News - Business showcase: Playing Lean (ENG)

Breakthrough Business Radio - Playing Lean - How to Innovate with Lean Startup Principles  (ENG)

Neoteric - Playing Lean – a board game in the service of product building (ENG)

Player Reviews of Playing Lean 1

Augusto Evangelisti wrote an article on the benefits of the game and what he liked best about it.

Joseph talked about his experience Playing Lean and how valuable the game can be for startup entrepreneurs.

So good he reviewed it twice: Joseph gave the game a second review after the success of the second Kickstarter.

The Dublin chapter of Lean Coffee organised a “Lean Startup – Build & scale a business in an evening!” meetup. Here are Rob Healy's impressions on how the event went.

Stephanie BySouth's and Nico De Haan's take on the game.

Heidi Anderson hosted a learning event aimed at teaching C-Suite executives and their senior leadership teams about the benefits of implementing agile methodologies throughout a company - and of course used Playing Lean.

Felipe Cerda said that playing Playing Lean at work was one of the most entertaining days at work he ever had.

Le Shift - Playing Lean : le jeu sérieux pour découvrir la méthode Lean Startup (FR)


The Founders talk about Playing Lean 1

Can a Board Game be a Lean Startup - by Iterate

Playing Lean – Interview with Simen Fure Jørgensen - Grasshopper Herder

Bedrifter kan ikke tvinge de ansatte til å lese en bok - by Gründerskolen Alumni

Games as a way to coach and teach lean thinking - by Bruno Pešec

See how our Kickstarter campaigns went down: 

Playing Lean relaunch: Play Leaner 

Playing Lean 2: The Next Release



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