Mirosław Dąbrowski

Product Owner, Agile/Lean Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker / Warsaw

Mirosław is an independent Agile Transformational Coach. For more than 13 years he has been active in IT. Going all the way up from development roles (dev/ba/design/architecture) to management and director positions. Now he is a CEO that runs a company of management and leadership consultants and trainers.

He is heavily involved in promoting management standards. As a board member of PMI Poland Chapter he is responsible for PMI regional development working as VP of Regional Development. In the DSDM Consortium he helps in promoting agile standards all around the globe. Mirek is one of the most qualified trainer and coach with more than 120 certifications and 5000 people trained both from hard-skills and soft-skills areas. He is the first and the only DSDM Agile Trainer-Coach in Poland.

LinkedIn: miroslawdabrowski
Twitter: @mirodabrowski

Bartek Janowicz

Innovation & Lean Startup Coach / Poznan

Bartek is the founder of a business innovation consulting firm PROINNOVATE. His mission is to support enterprises and corporations in becoming as innovative as top market startups and build an innovation organisational culture and engaging workplace.

He has over 10 years of corporate HR expertise, working on innovations and team management issues. He believes that anyone can become an innovator if he wants and in the power of learning by doing and also the effectiveness of multidisciplinary teams.

LinkedIn: Bartek Janowicz 
Twitter: @bartek_janowicz

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