May the upcoming year bring the biggest success to all of us! Happy 2022!


Dimitri Suholet

Product Manager / Moscow

Dmitry is graduated in computer sciences. After few years as a software developer he shifted to work as project manager, first in the telecom industry, then in the bank sector. At the moment he is employed by Yandex - one of the largest internet companies in Europe.

Besides being a Playing Lean facilitator Dmitry is also certified in Gamification.

LinkedIn: Dimitri Suholet 

Daria Ryzhkova

Product Coach

Daria got her engineer's degree at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Since 2015 she has been working as a product manager at Octoberry, a company where talented people take care of the entire development cycle for you: from finding a great idea up to attaining the KPI's.

She is also a product coach at ScrumTrek, the largest training and agile-consulting company in Russia. Her skills include product management, project management, requirements analysis, scrum and many more.

LinkedIn: Daria Ryzhkova

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